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Monday, February 29, 2016

Quinn I: Undaunted Men SeriesQuinn I: Undaunted Men Series by J.C. Cliff
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 If I Could Give it More I Would Stars!!!
Reviewed by Franci Neill

When I heard that the incomparable JC Cliff was writing a book about Quinn I squealed out loud I was so excited. And the squeal was worth it because this book was so good, I found it hard to put it down again. I say again, because I was privileged enough to be on the team that did a beta read for Quinn. Reading it again just brought back to mind all the swoon-worthy moments, along with the suspense that makes up the plot line for this story.

This is the first book in the new Undaunted Men series and if this is the way all the books are going to be, I'm going to be one very happy woman. This is Quinn's book and in Part 1 we meet Alexis Moretti the woman he's "forced" to go look for as an owed favor to her father. While Quinn is definitely the right man for the job given where Alexis has "disappeared" to, The Appalachian Trail, it'd be a lot easier if he knew the FULL story.

Right off the bat, I knew I was going to love this book because I was pulled in right from the start. There's hot sex, a suspenseful story line, hot sex, the sweetest dog, Kimber, hot sex and a mystery that I was dying to know what and who was really behind everything.

When Quinn first spots Alexis he's taken aback by her beauty not really expecting to feel anything for her. However, there's this pull between the two of them that is undeniable and when Quinn catches up with Alexis and asks her if they can walk The Trail together it doesn't strike Alexis as odd because she doesn't have any clue her father sent him to look after her. When it becomes clear to Quinn that Alexis is really not prepared for a hike of this nature, he nicely points out that she's not really as prepared as she should be and it makes perfect sense for them to stick together.

The magnetism these two have was steaming up my kindle. The problem is that it's clear to Quinn that Alexis is hiding something, and Alexis is afraid to tell him anything. But it doesn't stop her from asking him if payback really does exist....

Well if that doesn't just set the tone for their relationship whatever it turns out to be! As they get further and further up The Trail the feelings Quinn is having for Alexis are definitely NOT going to make Alexis' father happy that's for sure. And even better is how protective Kimber, Quinn's military trained Belgian Malinois, is of Alexis, which according to Quinn, never happens. But you know what they say about dogs....they'll let you know who the really good people are.

As they climb higher and higher up The Trail, their pull towards each other to point where it's distracting finally reaches a point that they just can't deny any further. And let me tell you, Quinn can put his moves on me any time he wants. He's so smooth and sexy and when he finally gives into the undeniable sexual tension, the sparks they are a flying!!!

The further and further I read in the book, the more I loved these two together. Quinn's natural instinct to protect Angel as he calls Alexis, and her feelings of being afraid of what brought her to this situation to begin with, just makes her that much more vulnerable and she wants to trust him more than she consciously knows....

While Quinn is more than prepared for life on the trail, which proves very useful in many situations, one of the funniest scenes is when Alexis gets covered in seed ticks. As a woman, I can totally relate with the natural instinct to try to swat them away. Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way with this particular pest....
"Calm down? Are you crazy?! They're freaking crawling all over me! Fricken-frickers! she squeals out in a high pitched rant. She's panic stricken as she frantically tries to get them off, and when she notices she can't, she begins to dance and flap her arms around like an ostrich on crack. I bite the inside of my cheek to keep from bursting out with laughter. Quinn, oh my God! Do something!"
I was rolling when I read this. It brought the right amount of levity to what was clearly becoming a hike that neither of them expected. They've encountered some dangers that took even Quinn by surprise. Unbeknownst to Alexis, Quinn decided to hold back from making love to her again because he doesn't want to muddy his "mission" or how he is quickly falling for Alexis...

As Part One comes to a close, there's a situation that has Quinn and Kimber on high alert and it's unclear if and how Quinn can rectify the situation they're all in. What is this danger? Who is behind it? Is everything Alexis' father told Quinn the truth? What will Quinn do?

Even though I KNEW this was a cliffhanger, at the very end, I still screamed out loud, NOOOOOOO!!! And I felt exactly like Alexis feels in her relationship with Quinn...
"Experiencing Quinn even once is like hitting the lottery. If once is all I'll ever get with this man, it was totally worth it."

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 (The Unspoken Love Series, Book #1) 



Two lives…as close to perfect as they can be.

Camryn Townsend has everything she’s always dreamed of…an amazing family, supportive friends, and the perfect job. Everything a girl could want. Or is it? A trip back to her childhood home threatens to unravel her web of perfection.

Her problem…she’s in love with her best friend and she’s too scared to sacrifice their friendship for a love she’s always wanted. 

Jamie Banks’ life is the epitome of perfection. His company is thriving, his band is on the cusp of stardom, and the girl he loves is returning home.

His problem…the girl he loves has been his best friend for as long as he can remember and he’s not sure he’s ready to sacrifice his best friend for a lover. Pursuing a relationship with the possibility of losing her has him second-guessing everything he knows.

Unspoken words are the only thing standing in their way.


 “Yo, you like what you’re seeing? The girls sure have formed a fan club out there,” Christian yells across the table. He is being such a ball breaker today. What the fuck? Do I have ‘I’m in love with your sister’ written on my fucking forehead?  

“You gonna let those guys try and make a move on the girls, or are you going show them what you got?” he continues with a raised eyebrow challenging me.

Sitting here at the table watching the girls dance is killing me. My fists are clenching under the table as I notice guys approaching the girls. The girls aren’t paying them any mind until one dude walks up behind Camryn. He stands there, eyeing her up like she’s a freaking piece of candy. He hasn’t touched her yet, but the idea of him being that close to her has my blood boiling. My jaw begins to clench, and my body tenses. I look over at Christian, and he has this shit eating grin on his face. 

Not being able to stand it anymore, I grab my beer and take a long swig. It’s nearly empty, so I motion to Lincoln to order me another one then I head to the dance floor. Camryn’s back is toward me so she doesn’t see me approaching, but Morgan does and she has a huge smile on her face.

Author Bio:

Paralegal by day, romance genius by night! When I'm not tending to my furry children and my handsome husband, I am seamlessly carving beautiful stories from my mind in my comfy PJs in New Jersey.

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moth2revealebookjpgAfter his stepbrother is found murdered following a drug deal gone wrong, DEA agent Timothy (MOTH) Douglas goes undercover to take down the people responsible.

Posing as a college student, he sets out to learn more about his estranged younger sibling, infiltrating his circle of friends to further help the investigation.

The moment he meets Windy Lewis he knows she holds the answers.

MOTH pretends to be interested in the mysterious woman, only to fall victim to his own desires. For the first time in his career his personal feelings take him down a road he may never come back from.

When MOTH gets in too deep he will have to make a choice.

Justice or Love





jennfoor1A Maryland native who spends most of her time devising a plan to live off the land on some remote island, where no one will ever find her.

She is a married mother of two kids, who may or may not drive her completely bonkers. In her spare time she enjoys shooting pool, camping and spending time with friends and family.


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About Nina West:

Nina West lives in the city but spends her summers in the wilderness with her husband. She loves having a steaming cup of cocoa in one hand and a steamy story full of angst in the other. Follow her on Facebook or on Twitter!


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Title: Ride With Me (A Hellions MC & Ravage MC Duel)
Author: Chelsea Camaron & Ryan Michele
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: February 29, 2016 Cover Designer: Cover Me Darling
Two stories, two couples, two motorcycle clubs. One transport brings them together as they keep the love alive in their relationships. 
Drexel ‘Rex’ Crews, hands down, gives his woman, Caroline ‘Lux’ Milton, whatever she wants, whenever she wants it. Now she wants a wedding. But first, he has a run for Crews Transports to Sumner, Georgia for the Ravage MC before he can give her the rest of his life. 
Every run for the Hellions MC is full of danger and chaos, and this one is no different. Rex just needs to get it done and get home to give his ol’ lady his last name. 
Donavon ‘Cruz’ surprised his ol’ lady, Harlow ‘Princess’ Gavelson, with a hell of a rock on Valentine’s day, knowing he and Cooper are hers for life. While excited, neither is pressing to set a date for the big day. They love life and live it to its fullest, always knowing it’s going to throw them curveballs at every turn. 
Cruz and the Ravage MC have a huge run that requires a little assistance from the Hellions MC to split the load and get it to its location on time. While the guys are gone, Princess learns some unexpected news that will change everything. 
What happens while these key players in their clubs are away? Are they prepared for what they come home to? Two clubs, two couples, one transport, and very little is the same by the end of the ride. 
*Intended for 18+ due to mature content*
“double the pleasure, double the fun treat for MC romance readers” - Goodreads Reviewer
“Alpha bikers, Crews and Cruz.......... I sure hope these two pair up again in the future!!” - Goodreads Reviewer
USA Today Bestselling author Chelsea Camaron is a small town Carolina girl with a big imagination. She is a wife and mom chasing her dreams. She writes contemporary romance, erotic suspense, and psychological thrillers. She loves to write blue-collar men who have real problems with a fictional twist. From mechanics to bikers to oil riggers to smokejumpers, bar owners, and beyond, she loves a strong hero who works hard and plays harder.
Ryan Michele has a huge obsession with reading, which only came to life after her best friend said she had to read Twilight. After reading that series, her entire world changed in the blink of an eye. Not only was she sucked into new worlds and all of the wonderful words authors put down on paper, she felt the urge to begin to write down the characters that played inside of her head. In doing so, Safe was born. When she’s not reading or writing, she spends time taking care of her two children and her husband, enjoying the outdoors and laying in the sun.