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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Empire (Eagle Elite, #7)Empire by Rachel Van Dyken
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Empire (The Eagle Elite Series #7), Rachel Van Dyken

Oh Sergio Abandonato, you completely broke my heart in Elude and then put it back together in Empire. *sighs*

Although my review is for Empire specifically, I feel like I can't do my review without including my thoughts on Elude. I have spent the past few week wrapped up in the mafia world that Rachel Van Dyken created in the Eagle Elite series. I now feel like a true member of the five families. Although, don't ask me to pick a family. I simply couldn't do that. Plus I might just get shot for taking sides. I digress..... In Elude and Empire, we finally get to know Sergio Abandonato. I have to say that I loved Sergio from the word GO! He was mysterious, sexy as hell, and always trying to get under the other guys skin. I loved it. He was a perfect fit into the family, even though he wasn't a boss.

Elude gutted me!!!! Side note, you CANNOT read Empire without reading Elude. In fact, I think that you can't read Empire without reading all of the Eagle Elite series - IN ORDER! Back to my review... Elude gutted me!!! Sergio Abandonato was asked, ok asked is a nice word for it, he was forced to marry Arabella Anderson Petrov (Andi) in order to keep her safe from the Russian mafia. During this forced marriage we get the privilege of watching the two fall in love with each other.

"As long as I didn't let her in... I'd be okay. As long as I looked at her like a victim, like one of my victims, she wouldn't get in. The truth terrified me. Because the truth was... I liked her enough to mourn her - and when you liked someone enough to mourn, you were in danger of love.
And I knew if I loved her, if I ever let myself feel; it would destroy me.
So I grabbed onto every shred of hate and resentment I could find in my body and armored myself with it.
I would not let her in.
~ Rachel Van Dyken, Elude (Eagle Elite #6)

Sergio tried to guard his heart against Andi. He failed. #UntilForever

Which brings me to Empire (Eagle Elite #7).... In Empire we meet Valentina Nicolasi (Val). I am not going to tell you who she is in this review... All you need to know is that Sergio is put into a situation that feels like one word - Repeat. Poor Sergio. My heart was breaking for him.

"In her arms, I wasn't a widower. I wasn't mafia. I wasn't anything but a guy; she made me feel the way, like nothing else mattered. It was cheesy. It was beautiful. It was like breathing for the first time."
~ Rachel Van Dyken, Empire (Eagle Elite #7)

As we watch Sergio rebuild his heart and break down the walls that he built with Andi's help. Every time Andi added her thoughts throughout Empire I was gutted! I have not read a book in a long time that made me cry and yet laugh all within a few paragraphs. Rachel has this way with words that gets you to the heart of a story and makes you feel.

#99ThingsToDoOnMyHoneymoon #NinjaBear #UntilForever

As I was living the life with the 5 families for the past few weeks, all I could think about was how brilliant this series was and how it needed to be picked up for TV!

Thank you Rachel for allowing me to live in the mafia world that you created for the past few weeks. I can't wait to see where this story leads as we read Enrage (Coming Summer 2107). I can't believe I have to wait an entire year for Dante's story!

~ Review written by Heidi Pharo

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