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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Struck from the Record (Record, #4)Struck from the Record by K.A. Linde
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

***** 5 Maxwell Charming Stars *****

K.A. Linde, my heart has been taken, yet again, by another Maxwell man. *sighs*

I have read just about every K.A. Linde book out there. I have loved her Record series since book 1. The Maxwell family is the Kennedy's of our day. Ok, I might be going a little crazy, but you get the point. The Record series has been one of those series that has stayed in my heart since I met Brady Maxwell in Off the Record.

In Struck From the Record we get to know Clay Alexander Maxwell a bit more. He is the bad boy Maxwell. How to describe Clay... naughty, flirty, loyal, and oh so dreamy.... He met his perfect match, Andrea Billings, on a beach when he was almost thirteen years old. Over the years, Clay and Andrea have been there for each other both physically and emotionally, supporting each other like no one else could.

"Romance was wasted on them, so they had entered into the arrangement of a lifetime. They could do whatever they wanted, but at the end of the day, they would be together. Guard their hearts. No feelings would get hurt. They wouldn't turn out like her parents, and he wouldn't have anyone in his life to disappoint because of his behavior. It was perfect."
~ K.A. Linde, Struck From the Record (Record #4)

Until it wasn't.....

Their 10 year "open relationship" was no longer working for them.... Bring on Struck From the Record....

I loved Andrea so much. She was Clay's perfect match. She knew when to push back on him, she challenged him, and eventually brought him to his knees. Oh, and her fashion sense was so on point. Loved it!

Oh Clay... I love that man so much. *sighs* Oh, did I mention that already???? If you have read the Record series, then you already know that Clay is one fine bad boy. Watching him grow throughout this book was a delight. I loved that the entire book was from his perspective. It needed to be that way.

"He was good at many things, but sex was his specialty."
~ K.A. Linde, Struck From the Record (Record #4)

Don't worry you Brady Maxwell fans, there is plenty of him throughout this book. K.A. Linde did not forget about you! We finally get Brady & Liz's wedding!!!!

Writing this review is making me smile just thinking back on how much I enjoyed this book. You all are going to LOVE Clay. Just know that I called him first! He is MINE!!!! I will only share him with Andrea... <3

"You're my past and present, and I am damn well going to fight to make sure you're my future."
K.A. Linde, Struck From the Record (Record #4)

Thank you Kayla for trusting me with your bad boy, Clay. It was a treat to read and review Struck From the Record. People are going to love this book! You have another hit on your hands. I am so looking forward to Baby Maxwell's story. Bring on Savannah.

~ Review written by Heidi Pharo

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