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Monday, January 30, 2017

Becoming Mrs. LockwoodBecoming Mrs. Lockwood by K.I. Lynn
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Can I have my own Mr. Weston Lockwood please??? I just spent a little over 9 hours with the Lockwood family. I think that I can officially say that I am a fan! Not only of the Lockwood family, but also K.I. Lynn (to be fair, I have always been a K.I. Lynn fan). This was an interesting read that sucked me in right from the first chapter to the end.

So here's the skinny, I have to be honest, the premise of this book is so out of left field that you just need to let it go, settle in, and enjoy the ride. For those of you who have read it, you know what I am talking about. Let's just say that things that happen in Vegas don't always stay in Vegas.....

Wren Bradford is an 18 year old senior in high school who goes to Vegas with her mom for her Fall Break. Her mom has a little bit too much fun in the casino and leaves Wren on her own. Reading a book at Starbucks changes Wren's life forever.

Weston Lockwood is not an average guy. When he walks into Starbucks, he is completely taken with Wren. After seeing Wren for a second day in a row, he decided to ask her to spend the day with her. That day turned into night which turned into forever.

Oh, did I mention that Weston is 31 years old?!?! You do the math....

"I was just a girl who saw a handsome man. I still feel like I'm in some sort of dream and I'll wake up any second."
~ K.I. Lynn, Becoming Mrs. Lockwood

Little did they know that they would wake up MARRIED!!!! Let the fun begin....

As Wren tries her best to fit into Weston's life, they both realize that the thought of "I do" was maybe not as easy as the reality of living it. What the two of them face together is what won my heart over throughout the entirety of this book. The love that grows out of their marriage is beautiful to read. It was not an easy ride for either of them, but in the end they find out that they are stronger together than apart.

"With him I was okay. Without his there was silent nothingness."
~ K.I. Lynn, Becoming Mrs. Lockwood

Let me tell you about the two of them together.... HOT- HOT- HOT!! The chemistry between these two was off the charts. Not only that, but their emotional connection was fun to read.

"You make me feel different, more like myself, like the man I was meant to be."
~ K.I. Lynn, Becoming Mrs. Lockwood

I have to tell you that I loved all of the secondary characters in this book as well. They were well written and each added something to the book that needed to be there for Weston & Wren's love story to be told. And it needs to be said, WTF MOM?!?! I kept shaking my head when it came to Wren's mother. But to be fair, Becoming Mrs. Lockwood would not have happened without Wren's mother.

K.I. Lynn, I have been a fan of yours for awhile now. I knew that I needed this book in my life as soon as I knew you were having a new release. Thank you so much for allowing me read and be part of the Lockwood family. I did not want this book to end! Yes, even after 9 + hours. Please, please write a novella for these two. I loved Weston & Wren so much!!! You could even write a novella for Miles & Julia and I would be happy. :)

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~ Review written by Heidi Pharo

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