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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Bound to Me (The Harbour Series, #1)Bound to Me by Christy Pastore
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Happy release day my friend!!!

I need to start this review off by saying that if you not read any of Christy Pastore's books, you are missing out! My love for Christy's writing started out with her Scripted series. Then I dove into her Weekends series. The Weekend series is what solidified me as a permanent fan for life! It was simply brilliant.

Bound to Me is the first book in her new Harbour series. I will tell you that you can read this book as a standalone, BUT I highly recommend you read her other books in order to fully enjoy Bound to Me. A lot of the side characters and dialogue will not make sense if you do not read her book, Fifteen Weekends.

A few weeks ago I was chatting with Christy on FB and I had just gotten out of emergency appendix surgery. She sent Bound to Me my way to help me with my recovery. And it sure did.... I smiled the entire way through it. Bound to Me had Christy's magic touch all over it!

In Bound to Me we meet Ella Connolly & Alex Robertson. Now if you are a Christy Pastore fan, then these names should now surprise you. In fact, you should be jumping up and down right now and running to buy this book! Ella Connolly is Ronan Connolly's little sister (The Scripted Series), and Alex Robinson is a character from Fifteen Weekends (The Weekend Series). Have I told you how much I love it when authors connect characters from one series to another?!?! Well I do. I think that it's brilliant and makes me think that there is an entire world that we are privy too for a few hours at a time while we read whatever book it may be. The way that Christy does it really makes you want to go back and binge read all of her books because you miss those characters so much! I might be biased, but I think that Fifteen Weekends is one of the best books that I have ever read!

In Fifteen Weekends I was a HUGE Alex fan. My heart was breaking for him during the EXTRA that Christy posted on her website.
* Warning you need to read Fifteen Weekends to understand the extra scene, but it helps to set up Bound to Me. Trust me.


Alex is trying to rebuild his life post Amanda. Ronan Connolly pays Alex to be Ella's security detail. Being the sister of a famous actor means that you need extra security. I am sure that you can guess what happens next...

"I'm completely snookered... or a more American expression --- I'm f*cked"
~ Christy Pastore, Bound to Me (The Harbour Series #1)

Yep, they sure were... But those are the perfect romance stories to read! Alex breaks all his rules with Ella.

"I should have left Ella alone, but I couldn't. Just like I couldn't leave Amanda alone, and look how that turned out. F*ck, No, this was nothing like that. Being with Ella felt right, too right and it was worth the risk. She was worth everything."
~ Christy Pastore, Bound to Me (The Harbour Series #1)

This book was the perfect book for my recovery. I was lost in the characters as well as the world that Christy created. Oh, and I LOVED the flight attendant, Joni! :)

Thank you Christy for being my fashion friend as well as my Kate & William friend! I loved the references within Bound to Me. Oh, and only a person who has worked in retail calls the register a cash wrap. I was laughing to myself! It's in our blood!!!

Thank you also for allowing me to read Bound to Me early! It really was a great "get better" gift. I can't wait to see how this series plays out.

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