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Monday, January 30, 2017

Honey BeeHoney Bee by Heather Shere
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Honey Makes Everything Sweeter Stars!!!
Reviewed by Franci Neill

This was my first book by Ms. Shere and I so enjoyed reading Bo and Sophia's story. Sophia has recently moved back to her mom's home town looking for a fresh start after her passing. She's moved her, her dog Triton a Bernese Mountain dog, who plays a major role in this story, and her bee hives hoping to live a much more simple life. What she doesn't expect is to be attracted to Bo Smith the High School Football coach that is oh so handsome and has "stay away" written all over him. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like that's in Bo's cards as he feels an immediate attraction to Sophia....
"She is also cute as hell. Curvy and petite, her blonde hair every time I see her has in unruly waves that have a style of their own. Finally, today I can stop wondering what color her eyes are. They are a vibrant hazel. I am so screwed."
I loved how this book really brought me back to a true and sweet love story. These two have so many differences but that's what makes them perfect for each other. With the exception that Bo doesn't seem to like dogs which given Triton's role in Sophia's life is a major hurdle. We do find out why Bo feels this way and it brought tears to my eyes. Along the way Sophia becomes friends with Judy and Dave, Bo's sister and her husband, who happen to be the town Veterinarians.

The joy I felt while reading this book had a perpetual smile on my face. Our H/h really do try to avoid falling for each other, but it seems at every turn they're in the same room or same place. One of the things I so LOVED about Sophia is that she was a confident and intelligent woman that didn't let anyone walk all over her and she was confident in what she liked and looked for in a man and when she and Bo end up at the local bar having fun and drinking, the inhibitions float away and things heat up and quickly....
"You're playing with fire, honey bee. I murmur close to her ear. Slipping my hand away, I graze my teeth along her neck. I like it hot, she moans and arches perfectly for me."
Once these two cross this line, it's ON!! Sophia has a way with Bo and bringing a peace to his life that's been missing for a long time. They're so perfect for each other and Bo is smitten with her and her honey making business. It's something that he didn't realize people actually do, but, as Sophia uses honey in everything, his life becomes sweeter and sweeter....until it doesn't.

I so appreciated how the characters were developed and the pace of this story. There weren't any moments where I questioned any scene in the book that seemed to whimsical or not plausible. I LOVED how much Triton was included in this book being the dog lover I am and that he was very much responsible for Bo's rethinking how he lives his life and what he might be missing if he can't get out of his own head.

Ms. Shere has written a book that is sassy, sexy and sweet and I loved every single word.

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