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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Then Hell Followed (Journeyman, #5)Then Hell Followed by Golden Czermak
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Hell Is Not That Bad a Place Stars!!!!
Reviewed by Franci Neill

Well, we've reached book five in this amazing series, and I've had to take a few days to figure out what I was going to say in this review because holy moly!! Things are just in an uproar right now in this amazingly fantastic world that Mr. Czermak has created. Dajjal is at his most evil in his quest to rule the world. The battles taking place for this domination are epic!!!

We also see Marcus and Gage and what they're trying to do for Joey and what has to be faced to find a cure for him. I literally sat on my couch reading this one with my mouth hanging open for most of the book. Gasps emitting at some of the brutality of the battles. Again, thanks to the words written by this amazing author, picturing these battles were keeping me on the edge of my seat the entire book. I may or may not have yelled at certain characters both evil and do-gooders to "do something!!!"

And because the author is so good to his readers, I don't have to wait to see how this all fleshes out since he kindly released Running on Empty, Book Six, on the same day I can immediately see what happens next.

I'll leave you with this....you may not be a PNR fan, but as I've repeatedly said, this series is SO MUCH MORE than your everyday PNR book and you need to take the chance because you will NOT regret diving into this world head first!!!

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