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Monday, January 16, 2017

Unspoken Promises (The Unspoken Love Series, #2)Unspoken Promises by H.P. Davenport
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5 Keeping Promises and Giving Hope Stars!!
Reviewed by Franci Neill

I've known this book was going to be an emotional read based on everything Ms. Davenport had been hinting about. What I didn't expect is for it to be such an emotional roller coaster. This book literally starts at a scene that was gut wrenching in Unspoken Words but this is from Lincoln and Morgan's point of view.

In order to understand the relationship our H/h have you need to know they've known each other for most of their lives and have been together since they were in high school and were each other's firsts for most of the momentous occasions in their lives. Their love is really something that everyone took for granted...and apparently so did they.

Once the tragic event takes place the amount of guilt that they both are feeling is almost insurmountable. And how each of them deals with it was heartbreaking to read....
"Drinking has become my new normal. I drink to forget. I drink to numb the excruciating, burning pain I feel in my chest every day."
As time passes, things between Lincoln and Morgan become so tense it was almost uncomfortable to read. You know that feeling you get when you're watching something unfold that just gives you the heebie jeebies inside? I could feel Morgan grasping to understand everything that had happened and what that meant for her and Lincoln....

As the story moves along, Morgan begins to question things she always believed she could live with. It's interesting that the one thing that you think would bring you closer together can often tear you apart with no rhyme or reason other than it's a wakeup call to your heart and what you really need in a relationship. When Morgan voices this to Lincoln, he tries to give her what she wants and needs but....

My heart was literally breaking for these two. It was clear that no matter what they truly are the love of each other's lives. They've just reached a point that they have to decide if each are willing to do whatever it takes to have their happily ever after....

What it all comes down to is that Ms. Davenport has written a beautiful and emotional book that will tear your heart up in pieces but by the end, not only are you whole again, you believe that true love really does conquer all.

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