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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

After YouAfter You by Stephanie Rose
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 It's Ok to Find Love Again Stars!!!
Reviewed by Franci Neill

What an emotional book this was. I was pulled into this story from the get go and my heart literally hurt for Ellie. She had it all including the love of her life and a child she adored, until she didn't and Ellie struggled with how to move on from this all encompassing love that she didn't think could ever be replicated....until Nick.

These two are destined to be together because they can heal each other. They're both dealing with some darkness, but finding that one person to bring light back into your life, even when you don't think you deserve it, is almost like a miracle in the making. The problem with this is getting over the guilty feelings of loving another person when you thought it wasn't possible to happen twice in a lifetime. This is the struggle Ellie faced. She does it with grace and heart and emotions that tore me apart while reading this beautifully told story of second chances.

Ms. Rose does an outstanding job of making her characters real and believable. I could feel Ellie's pain and sorrow and guilt for wanting to move forward with her life. There were times when I thought, "just do it Ellie, just let him in... it's okay to love again; you're not discounting the love and happiness you had with Jack. But fate had something else in store for you."

As with the other books that Ms. Rose has given us, this is a book that will stick in my heart for years to come as it's a true story of second chance love and it being okay to find another lifetime love, grasping onto it and not letting it go.

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