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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Burn (Steel Brothers Saga, #5)Burn by Helen Hardt
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I think that Helen Hardt might be my new favorite cliffy author.... UGH!!! I know that I have said this before in a different review, but if you think that Burn ends all nice, neat & pretty with a bow on top, you would be WRONG!!! Helen outdid herself with Burn.

*** WARNING ***
Burn is absolutely NOT a standalone book. You have to read the entire Steel Brothers Saga in order to even understand or know what is happening in Burn. With that, you have been warned....

Burn begins right where Melt (Steel Brothers Saga #4) leaves off. Dr. Melanie Carmichael has been kidnapped and has no idea where she is. Jonah is still trying to figure out who took his younger brother all those years ago. That is all you are getting from me. Sorry! I hate reviews that give the books away, especially a book like this.

I posted this in Helen's Facebook group on January 19th

Helen, I was a lucky few that just received a Burn ARC. I devoured this book!!!! I just finished it this morning. It was amazing!!!! Maybe my favorite in the series. And damn, another cliffy.... I really wasn't expecting anything different, but really?!?!? Everyone is going to love this one.
~ Heidi Pharo

I will tell you that nearly a month later, I still feel this way about this book. It took my breath away.

"There are so many loose ends in this situations and they just become more and more unraveled the deeper we dig."
~ Helen Hardt, Burn (Steel Brothers Saga #5)

OMG, and I don't think that I will ever look at a private pool the same way again!!! I was dying! Poor Melanie. HAHAHAHA.... You all just wait.

I know that I am not giving you all much with this review. But if I did, you all would HATE me and I don't want that.

Thank you Helen for creating these characters and this family. I love this series so much. Can Surrender be on my kindle now please?!?! May 16th cannot come fast enough!


~ Review written by Heidi Pharo

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