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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Holding on Tighter (Wicked Lovers #12)Holding on Tighter by Shayla Black
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

All good things must come to an end.... And yet I don't want them to!!! Can I pout like a baby right now?!?! I have been a fan of the Wicked Lover series for so long! How can Shayla end it?!?!

Ok, onto the book....

If you have read the Wicked Lovers series, then you already know what to expect. Girl finds boy. There is hot- hot- hot chemistry and that boy is an Alpha Male! Oh, and throw in a little adventure just for good measure. You now have a typical Wicked Lovers series.

In Holding on Tighter we get Heath & Jolie's story.

I have to tell you, although there have been a few books throughout the series that have been misses for me, I loved this one.

Jolie is a strong woman in her own right. And Heath is a man who has been through a lot and swears he will never fall in love again. But when a mysterious enemy threatens to Jolie and her company, Heath steps in to protect not only Jolie, but her company as well.

Of course it would not be a Shayla Black story without the amazing hotness that happens between the two main characters. Hot may not even be the word. Sizzling is more like it.

Shayla, thank you so much for allowing me to read Holding on Tighter prior to its release. Although I am sad to see the Wicked Lovers see come to an end, I am excited to see what you have coming our way in 2017. As a blogger, I am loving what I am see!

~ Review written by Heidi Pharo

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