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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Nine Kinds of Naughty (Art of Passion, #3)Nine Kinds of Naughty by Jeanette Grey
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Yes, yes, yes, another new author for me to read! Although Jeanette Grey may not be a newer author in general, she is a new author to me. I just finished Nine Kinds of Naughty and I absolutely devoured it! Wow, just wow!!!

Recently I have been super lucky to have some amazing 5 star reads on my kindle. But for some reason this past week, I have not been able to find something to capture my attention. This all changed with one Dom named Dane Huntley.

Alexis Bellamy works along with her brother Rylan at Bellamy International. As one of the head people at Bellamy International, Alexis (Lexie) is hard working and driven to the point that she doesn't really even know who she is without her job. Dane Huntley is the lucky guy who is Lexie's assistant.

So now you are looking back at my review saying, "Didn't she say that Dane was a Dom?!?!" Yes, Dane is a Dom. And did you see that I also said that he was Lexie's assistant???

"How many times had he fantasized about seeing his perfectly put- together boss with her panties around her ankles and her hair a sexed- up mess?"
~ Jeanette Grey, Nine Kinds of Naughty (Art of Passion #3)

Lexie's job calls her to Europe to finalize a deal. Being Lexie's asistant, Dane is required to go along. That is when the fun begins...

One hot Dom + One empty plane ride across the Atlantic = One hot ride

"You need this. Someone to take care of you. Someone who can pull you out of your goddamn head for a minute. Show you how to let go."
~ Jeanette Grey, Nine Kinds of Naughty (Art of Passion #3)

Dane strips Lexie down to her core and helps her become the person that she was born to be.

"You're so strong, Lexie. It's sexy as hell to watch you eviscerate a room full of businessmen. But it's okay to admit that it wears you out. It's okay to let yourself put it all down. Let somebody else carry the weight. And when you do? It means you pick it up again even stronger than you were before."
~ Jeanette Grey, Nine Kinds of Naughty (Art of Passion #3)

Watching Dane & Lexie discover and navigate their relationship was such a treat! This book completely filled my heart with warmth and love for these two characters.

Nine Kinds of Naughty is the third book in the Art of Passion series. Full disclosure, I did not read the first two books. The first two books feature Lexie's brother, Rylan. Although Rylan & Kate are in Nine Kinds of Naughty, you did not have to read their story to enjoy Dane & Lexie's story. I went and one clicked Seven Nights to Surrender (Art of Passion #1) & Eight Ways to Ecstasy (Art of Passion #2) right after I finished Nine Kinds of Naughty. I will be circling back to these books in the next few weeks. I can't wait!

Back to Dane & Lexie... I loved their story so much!!! I wish I could reread it for the first time again.

"Lexie might rule the boardroom, but she'd been born to be put on her knees."
~ Jeanette Grey, Nine Kinds of Naughty (Art of Passion #3)

Thank you Jeanette for allowing me to read Nine Kinds of Naughty prior to its release. Thank you also for writing these characters. This was the perfect book at the perfect time for me. I am so looking forward to reading the rest of this series. Oh, and Evan needs his own book! Please, please, pretty please!


~ Review written by Heidi Pharo

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