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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

VanishedVanished by T.K. Leigh
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

6 Oh Mr. Burnham You're Back With A Vengeance Stars!!!
Reviewed by Franci Neill

Yes, you're reading this right, 6 Stars!! If you follow my reviews, you know I'm a huge lover of Ms. Leigh's books and I can unequivocally say this is my favorite book of all of them. It's FLAWLESSLY BRILLIANT!! There are so many moving parts in this book and Ms. Leigh has done a tremendous job of making sure there are no scene inconsistencies or plot holes which just makes the book flow like sweet molasses.

Vanished will hit you right in the heart from the get go whether you're a parent or not. This book tells the story of how Alexander Burnham's daughter is kidnapped practically right from under his nose...

The question that begs to be answered though is who in their right mind would attempt something like this? I mean really? This is Alex and Olivia's child that they love more than life itself and the fact that the security in their house, given what his company does, is probably better than the security at Fort Knox. But someone did it and their reasoning will astound you!!! The key players involved in this story are Rayne and Landon, Martin, Alex's right hand man and basic father figure, Agent Moretti from the FBI and a team of others that will help solve the why's and how's.

Rayne is a woman who has experienced a pain that has literally ripped her apart in every way possible and even after some time passing, she cannot seem to find a way to get on equal footing.....

When Melanie is taken from their home, Alex vows to not stop until they find her and whoever is responsible because this is his baby girl. Along the way however, Alex's eyes are opened as to how his life is passing him by and what is really important to him....

This book has so many evolving actions and reactions and the suspense that Ms. Leigh has built as every page goes by has a way of drawing you in to the point that you're so invested in the outcome that it's nearly impossible to put the book down because you HAVE TO FIND OUT who would dare to kidnap this beautiful little girl.

Well, when you find out the culprit of this heinous act, if you're like me, you will literally gasp out loud and sit there in shock because it came out of left field, which as you know, Ms. Leigh is so good at doing. My heart was so invested in this story and I so wanted them to find Melanie and get retribution for putting Alex and Olivia through this gut wrenching pain. Alex being who his is takes this burden on himself because he feels that his actions are what led to this event....

I'm not going to lie and tell you I wasn't just a little angry with him. Because in reality, even if there are some whacked out people involved, some of the missions his company has undertaken, have opened him and his family to this retribution.

Having said this though, let's not forget that this is Alexander Burnham and he will move heaven and earth to get his heart back and anyone in his way will be mowed down. And in my eyes this once again proves why I love Alex and he will forever be MY Mr. Burnham.

I'll end this by saying that because there are so many people involved and their stories are very interconnected that I can't really say much more that this is MUST READ because it's a story you must read!!!

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