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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

An Act of Courage (Acts of Honor Series Book 4)An Act of Courage by K.C. Lynn
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5 Facing Your Demons To Get Your Forever Love!!!
Reviewed by Franci Neill

There is so very much I want to tell you about Christopher and Alissa’s story that truly gutted me with all the emotions I felt while reading this hauntingly beautiful story of love. This is book four in the Acts of Honor series and can be read after Resisting Temptation, book three in the Men of Honor (Cade and Faith’s book) series. It “could” be read as a standalone but you won’t have the same feels if you haven’t read Resisting Tempation.

On to the all the feels of this book. K.C. Lynn has the uncanny ability to draw her readers into the story from the very first page. I mean literally I was barely into the book and I was crying already. My heart so heavy for Christopher and what he’s dealing with both before he leaves Sunset Bay to his return five years later a completely different person that has some fierce demons he has to face. One of the ways he escapes his nightmares is his music….

Not only is music his escape, but it also has the power of healing and we experience that in so many ways throughout this book. From his playing and singing, to Faith’s music program and to some very little souls that will have a profound effect on Christopher’s life.

The one person that has the greatest chance of getting him through this darkness is Alissa. Their love, even though it has a gap of time, is a love that is all consuming and breathtakingly beautiful. She just “gets him” and no matter how much he wants to push her away, Alissa is determined to be his salvation….

Those words are so profound because it proves that yes, there are people that are meant to be ours and even if the journey leads down a rugged path, if you believe in love and all it has to offer, your life can be complete and your heart can be happy. Alissa is Christopher’s light. Alissa has the ability to bring our Christopher back to us. Alissa is willing to be the person that will be his salvation and Christopher knows it….
“I need you because you’re my anchor. My light. My salvation in the night. My angel. My peace. The best part of me.
As I said a little earlier, the range of emotions that I experienced reading this book shocked even me. One minute I was happy and thrilled by what was happening and the next minute I was crying. There’s so much to this book to absorb and appreciate and get lost in. There’s suspense, tension, some of the hottest sex I’ve ever read about, like WOWZA hot along with a good old fashioned love story.

This is a must read book and I for one will be reading it again and again because it’s JUST THAT GOOD!!!!

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