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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Checkmate: This is Effortless (A Checkmate Duet Series, #2)Checkmate: This is Effortless by Kennedy Fox
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 I Can't Believe That Really Happened Stars
Reviewed by Franci Neill

What an amazingly wild ride we take with the conclusion of Drew and Courtney's story. If you remember the cliffie at the end of This Is Reckless then you know there's something cray-cray going on!!!

I was totally engulfed into this book. I started it literally just sank into the words Kennedy Fox has given us. I loved everything about how much Drew and Courtney love each other, how they show that love for each other and how they will do anything they can to protect that love from the ever crazy Mia Montgomery.

Thank you Kennedy Fox for the privilege of reading this book prior to release

We also get a small look into how Courtney grew up in that small town in Texas with her four older brothers and a family that loves no matter what comes their way. The sassiness that is Courtney had me rolling sometimes. She just lets Drew know what or how she feels and he just rolls with it. This comes in particularly handy when they're in the throes of some steam up the sheets or shower sex. These two have no problem keeping it playful at times but also know when it's time to take it slow and easy and really make love.

There's also some new four legged friends in their life thanks to Kayla the puppy pusher...and oh how I love this girl...but more on that later. As Drew and Courtney begin the road to their forever, that pesky Mia keeps getting in the way. And there were a few instances while reading this book that I literally yelled out loud "What the ever loving F?!!!! There are some twists and turns in this one that'll have you guessing and gasping when it all comes about.

One of the many things that made me love these two together is that they have really progressed in their relationship, from roommates, to best friends, to lovers, to do I dare say it, soul mates....

Oh Drew you really know how to make me swoon. This is absolutely a perfect end to this Duet. We get everything we've come to expect from these authors AND we're getting the setup for the next Duet and boy it's gonna be good!!!!

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