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Monday, April 3, 2017

Co-WreckerCo-Wrecker by Meghan Quinn
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Who Knew A Nerd Could Be This Frisky Stars!
Reviewed by Franci Neill

This book is going to forever change the way I look at a true Nerd! Why you ask? Because Andrew has broken through all the stereotypes I had of men like him. Don’t get me wrong, he fits the bill physically with the hair and the glasses, being a math genius, he’s got a box of calculators for god sake, and a sense of humor that just takes a little while to get used to…once over that hurdle, you’ll appreciate as much as I did Andrew and all his little nuances.

Then there’s Sadie who is a girl that has a tough outer shell that she doesn’t really want to let people in. She’s got her circle of friends and that’s it…no new entries…until Andrew that is. What starts as an almost adversarial relationship, Sadie has to train Andrew on the fountain area of the restaurant they both work at, eventually turns into a friendship which leads to romance….with lots of snarky comments, baseball, whipped cream, ice cream and cough syrup in-between.

I can honestly say that from the first page I was drawn into each of our H/h lives. I felt Andrew’s awkwardness and his need to be on his own without his helicopter mom and an “incident” that he’s trying to get a fresh start from…and let me tell you, this “incident” made me snort laugh!!! Sadie on the other hand has some secrets she’s hiding that really explain how she became who she is and my heart hurt a little for her…but once Andrew enters her realm, all bets are off!

The writing in this book is pure Meghan Quinn gold! All the characters are so well developed including the secondary ones like Smilly…that girl…wow, along with the storyline. It all fits together so perfectly and once I got into the story, I didn’t want to put it down. This is yet another reason why Meghan Quinn is an automatic 1-click author for me…she’s never let me down!

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