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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Dr. OB (St. Luke's Docuseries, #1)Dr. OB by Max Monroe
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5 Documentaries Aren't Always What They're Cracked Up To Be Stars!!!
Reviewed by Franci Neill

I'm not going to lie, the day I turned the last page on Scoring Her the last book in the Billionaire Bad Boys Series I was truly upset that we had seen the last of the Boys and their Girls... I had laughed and cried and everything in between with Kline and Georgie, Thatch and Cassie and Wes and Winnie. But I shouldn't have underestimated the duo of Max Monroe!!

In this first book of St. Luke's Docuseries, we get to see our favorites once again as this story focuses on Will Cummings, Georgie's aka Gigi, brother and Melody Marco an unlikely pair, but in reality, not so much. Dr. Will is an Ob/Gyn and works at St. Luke's and there's a 12 week documentary being filmed about him as they follow him around the hospital. Well it's not exactly what anyone was expecting and this is where all the shenanigans begin!

Melody has moved back to New York after her relationship goes kaput and that's putting it nicely. Her mother a true Yenta is all up in her business and arranges a job interview for her as a nurse in Will's practice. What Mel doesn't know she's getting into though sets the stage for a few misunderstandings, some sarcasm that had me rolling and finding the greatest love of her life...but I digress.

As the docuseries rolls along, the way Dr. Will is portrayed had me rolling. I felt bad for him in that he really isn't St. Luke's equivalent of Dr. McDreamy, but it certainly got him some attention, and not always in a good way. Especially from the nurse in charge of his office Marlene! This woman had me busting out with some of her looks, responses and overall attitude about Will, Melody and the TV show.

As Melody works closer and closer with Will, their attraction cannot be stopped. There's a connection between them that I think even astounds them. The fact that Mel hadn't seen the first couple of episodes of the show I think helped her see who Will REALLY is. At one point, she even admits to herself they're on fire....
"Our attraction was almost visible. It could be seen and felt and tasted all around us."
I just kept flipping the pages getting more and more engrossed in their story while alternately fanning myself and wiping my tears away from laughing. It's not all roses for our H/h pretty much thanks to the now nefarious show. These two have some major bumps to get over. Add to this our doses of my favorite couples, and I'm in book heaven!!!

This book is such a fun read. It's got the humor that I've come to expect from these authors, the steamiest sex out there, Will really is all swoony and will do anything for Mel just to make her happy and the lengths he goes to just proves that he's really NOT at all how that show makes him look. This is absolutely another winner from this duo and I can't wait to see what happens in Dr. ER!!!

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