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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Ends Here (Road to Nowhere, #2)Ends Here by M. Robinson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I am going to be straight up honest right now.... There is NO WAY I can write this review without giving some things away. So if you do not want to know a single thing about this book, DO NOT read this review....

Ok, now that we have that out of the way... O-M-G!!! M. Robinson, what did you just do to me?!?! I feel like I just rode the most emotional rollercoaster that I have been on in a long time!!! First off, you totally left me hanging for a few months with Road to Nowhere (Road to Nowhere #1), and then this... UGH!!! I kept telling myself --- "I will not cry. I will not cry." But damn you, I was bawling! The twists and turns broke my heart! Then you managed to put those broken pieces back together again!

If you all haven't figured it out, I loved this book!!!

In my opinion, there are a lot of good writers out there. But then there are brilliant story tellers that take you out of your reality for a moment and take you on a journey that stays with you forever. M. Robinson is one of the most brilliant story tellers that I know of who is currently writing in the romantic suspense genre. What makes her writing even more brilliant is that she has a way of connecting all of her books together into one large story. For me, that is what makes a brilliant story teller. She keeps you wanting more of her work each and every time.

I had the brief privilege to beta read for her. The thought that she puts into every detail of her books pays out tenfold! We as readers get to enjoy this gift! It's pure magic!

Mia & Creed's story continues in Ends Here (Road to Nowhere #2). If you recall, M. Robinson left us hanging in Road to Nowhere (Road to Nowhere #1). Mia goes missing....

"Everything that ever mattered to me don't matter no more. Devil's Rejects, my brothers, my f*ckin' life. I'd do whatever it takes to protect you. Ya feel me?"
~ M. Robinson, Ends Here (Road to Nowhere #2)

If you also recall, Mia was pregnant with a child, a child who did not belong to Creed. Do you all remember who's baby she was carrying?!?!

"I know what this may look like to you. Pregnant with one son's baby and in love with the other.... It was one night. I went to the clubhouse with a friend. I didn't even know it was Creed's MC until we got there and I recognized their cuts. I would have never... I mean I didn't know Noah was Creed's brother."
~ M. Robinson, Ends Here (Road to Nowhere #2)

Mia is carrying Noah's baby. Now you can see how this book is going to play out, right?!?! Well you would be WRONG!!! Along comes this twist that will knock your socks off and keep you guessing until the end.

Noah is going to fight for not only his baby, but for Mia's heart.

"I'm the father of your child. We made a baby, I ain't goin' anywhere. I owe it to our girl to fight for her momma, and not even you can f*ckin' stop me."
~ M. Robinson, Ends Here (Road to Nowhere #2)

Creed is not having any of it! Although Noah may be the baby to Mia's child, he will be the man that both Mia and baby girl needs.

"Baby, I claimed you the day you were born. You were made for me."
~ M. Robinson, Ends Here (Road to Nowhere #2)

There were times that I wanted to throw my kindle across the room! No lie!!! I was screaming at Creed, Mia & Noah!

Noah, don't get me started on him.... UGH!!! He needs his HEA, but not with Mia!!! Please M. Robinson, give him his HEA!

"My blood runs through your veins. I'll always be inside of you. Be a part of you."
~ M. Robinson, Ends Here (Road to Nowhere #2)

I am going to end this review right there. I am starting to get to a place that I might spill the beans for you.

"I love Noah. I honestly do. That's why I'm torn, Doc. The Mia I was in the past is madly in love with Creed, and the Mia I am now is in love with Noah. Except, learning all these things that Creed has done for me... Makes me think, this Mia, the woman I am now. Loved him too, and maybe she never stopped."
~ M. Robinson, Ends Here (Road to Nowhere #2)

M. Robinson, thank you for continuing to outdo yourself each and every time. It makes my day when I see an new book from you pop up on my kindle. You are a rock star! I cannot wait for Damien Montero's story coming August 2017!!!

"My life was finally complete, and I owed it all to a little girl wearing pigtails and a pink baby doll dress. Who stole my heart when she was nine-years-old."
~ M. Robinson, Ends Here (Road to Nowhere #2)

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~ Review written by Heidi Pharo

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