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Monday, April 10, 2017

Tempt The BossTempt The Boss by Natasha Madison
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Being A Temp Was NEVER This Fun For Me Stars!!!
Reviewed by Franci Neill

OH EM GEE!!! I absolutely freaking LOVED everything about this book!! I laughed out loud on more than one occasion...actually almost throughout the entire book. I fell in love with Lauren and Austin, both individually and as a couple and her kids, especially that cutie patootie Rachel...her lines in this book cracked me up!!

This is truly a story of opposites attract. Austin is this uptight, very well put together alpha male that is sex on a stick and has always avoided relationships. He's very exacting in what he wants out of his life and his employees. Hence the reason he's not found an assistant that can keep up with him AND take all the attitude he hands down. Until Lauren that is. And how these two meet had me rolling...let's just say it wasn't the best of circumstances.

What I loved so very much about this book is that I could get completely and totally lost in this story and be happy while reading it. The back and forth between our H/h is hilarious. They're constantly trying to one-up the other with some rather shall we say embarrassing practical jokes that lead to some rather interesting results. We also in this book get a cameo from my favorites in Something So Right and this made me happier than I can ever tell you!

I can go on and on about how you must read this book. You'll be rolling in the aisles when you're reading this book. You'll get some of the steamiest and dirtiest sex you've ever read. But I won't because this book is a MUST READ book and I'm so very happy Ms. Madison has delivered yet another winner!!!

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