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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Real Dirty (Real Dirty Duet, #1)Real Dirty by Meghan March
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Dig Your Roots Stars!!!
Reviewed by Franci Neill

Yes, I took the "title" for my review from a Florida Georgia Line song, but in this case Real Dirty by Meghan March is not only about Number One Country Star Boone Thrasher, who is so hot I needed a fire extinguisher to put out the flames he created and Ripley Fischer, a young woman who owns a local bar in Nashville called The Fish Bowl, it's also about reminding yourself who you are and what's important to you.

Now I'm sure you're asking how is that even possible in one of the sexiest, dirtiest talking, swoon enducing books I've ever read? Well, Boone is a big, big star, but when the book opens and he's jilted not at the altar but before he even proposes, we begin the journey of him realizing this may have been the best thing that ever happened to him; all because of Ripley. She's not too keen on celebrities, and trust me when I tell you, she's had a lifetime worth of heartache because of them, and not for the reason you're thinking, but her vow to have nothing to do with them, goes out the window, thanks to a little or a lot of alcohol....

There is a chemistry between these two, that no matter how hard they try, once they've taken that proverbial step, there's no going back. Especially after she gets a look at what's under those tight, muscle hugging t-shirts Boone likes to wear...
"I'm too busy staring at his pecs and abs. Good God. Those can't be real."
However, before we get to this first of many oh so sexy scenes, we get some of the best storytelling I've read. This shouldn't have surprised me at all, because Ms. March truly does create magic and her books allow me to escape my everyday life each and every time I pick one of them up. Anyway, Ripley hasn't had an easy life and while I'm not going to give away all the secrets that explain how and why she thinks like she does, suffice it to say, there's a reason she's in Nashville, a reason she's working so hard to keep The Fish Bowl open and a reason she's the strong and independent woman she is...."digging her roots."

Enter Boone into the mix, who as I'm sure you can imagine has lived the life all aspiring singers want to live, but at what cost? Who and/or what has been left behind? Can he take what he thinks is the most crushing moment of his life and turn it into the biggest life lesson he's ever had and come back to what are his roots?

As this story moves through the days and weeks, our H/h find themselves getting closer and closer, having some of the most heat inducing, fan myself, having to put my kindle down, sex and let me tell you, Boone has been blessed in so many ways other than his voice...
I swear when I read that line I actually laughed out loud. It's almost like Esteban, her African Grey Parrot that's basically the mascot of The Fish Bowl is in the room because he just tells it like it is! I digress yet again...I fell in love with Boone and Ripley, not for all the reasons that we should but because underneath these two and the persona they present to the outside world are two down to earth, beautiful on the inside and outside, caring and giving people. When Boone starts to think of his forever, Ripley is at the forefront of those thoughts.....
"The first time I got my hands on Ripley, I knew this was something else. Having her in my house, fitting into my life so easily drives it home.....she slides into all the other scenes I've pictured having in my life like she was always meant to be there. It should scare the ever-living hell out of me, but it doesn't."
And for Ripley, this man she swore she didn't like and wouldn't give the time of day to, is so much more than what she originally thought. But can she trust her heart to take that leap and be in his life with all the pressures that come with being a Number One Country Artist?

As you might expect, there's so much more to their story than I've highlighted here and what a doozy of an ending we get to this book. I mean I literally sat there with my mouth hanging open! Why I expected anything less, I'm not sure. I mean this is Book One of the Real Dirty Duet, so you know we're going to get so much more of the March Magic in Real Sexy right?

This is another must read book from Ms. March and I'll be silently stalking my kindle for the next two weeks waiting for Real Sexy to appear, because I mean, what the ever-loving heck was that ending about?

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