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Friday, May 5, 2017

Surrender (Steel Brothers Saga, #6)Surrender by Helen Hardt
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I am just going to start this review out by saying Surrender IS NOT a standalone! In fact, there is no way to even read this series without reading it on the order that the author wrote it. That being said, the Steel Brothers Saga has to be one of the most messed up romantic suspense series I have ever read! And I mean that as a complement to Helen Hardt. The WARNING at the beginning of the book is all you need to know...

There are so many hard limit topic in this series that could totally turn you off from reading these books. And yet Helen Hardt has a way of capturing you and making you root for the characters and search for the truth to make justice happen for the Steel family. But the twists and turns that come throughout this series.... YIKES!!! You had better be buckled up for a ride and a half!

As per Helen's usual, Surrender picks up right where Burn leaves off. Jonah is in search for the truth regarding Talon's abduction while Melanie is dealing with happens to her in Burn. As the two of them are on their individual journeys, they quickly find out that these journeys are more intertwined than they ever would have guessed.

During all of this Jonah & Melanie are navigating their blossoming relationship. They have had a lot to deal with together. In Surrender they are finally able to break down what each other needs and discover what the two of them can be in the future to one another. I love Jonah & Melanie together. They just work.

"Jonah's words struck a chord within me. Power. That was the problem I was having with this, with surrendering to him. I was afraid of giving up power. But if what he said was true, I wouldn't be giving up any power, and neither would he. The power would be equal between us. All I needed to do was trust him --- trust that he would never harm me. And I did. I trusted Johan Steel with my heart, my life. No was the time to take myself back."
~ Helen Hardt, Surrender (Steel Brothers Saga #6)

"As I emptied into her, the tension and stress left my body. And I knew, with this woman by my side, I could get through anything. Anything at all."
~ Helen Hardt, Surrender (Steel Brothers Saga #6)

Besides the love story between Jonah & Melanie, a ton of your questions regarding the Steel family saga are answered in Surrender! Oh, and a lot more questions come up that we hope are answered in Shattered (Steel Brothers Saga #7) coming August 2017!!!

Helen, you continue to amaze me with your work! Where you come up with these things is beyond me. That is why I am a reader and a blogger and you are an author. You continue to shock and amaze me all at the same time with this storyline. Bravo!!!

I am looking forward to Ryan Steel's story with Ruby Lee. I have to tell you, I am not a Ruby fan right now. I am really looking forward to see if you can sway my opinion. I really want to like her knowing that she is the next one to fall for a Steel man, but I just can't.... Plus I am looking to learn more about Ryan and his past. That is all I will say in this review regarding that subject... All I can say is Hmmm....

"From now on, I was going to take an active role in finding Talon's last abductor. We had a name and several aliases. We would find him. My brothers and I were that determined. But first I was going to get my two brothers married off."
~ Helen Hardt, Surrender (Steel Brothers Saga #6)

Thank you for allowing me to read and review Surrender prior to its release. It was brilliant. I would expect nothing else at this point. I am so in love with this series. I have no words! Can it be August 29th yet?!?! I need Ryan in my life NOW!!!

Congrats on another hit!

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~ Review written by Heidi Pharo

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