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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Tempting TessaTempting Tessa by Samantha Lind
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 Heartwarming Stars
Reviewed by Franci Neill

One of my greatest joys in being a voracious reader is finding new authors and reading their first book. I love seeing what kind of a writer they are, their ability to tell a story that grabs me from the first page, the heat between their characters and most importantly the joy in watching them grow both in their writing and their popularity.

Tempting Tessa is a book that I took a chance on because the synopsis grabbed my heart. I loved the cover image knowing the Hero in our book would be a Vet and hoping we'd see everything that goes along with that. I'm here to say, I REALLY ENJOYED this book.

Jake and Tessa are a couple that have experienced more sorrow than most of us experience in a lifetime. Tessa is a young woman that's raising a son with the love of her life, until the unimaginable happens and she's all alone to raise her beautiful little boy Ty. Jake on the other hand gave a great sacrifice to fight for the freedoms in our country and because of that, he carries a heavy load. Then one day thanks to a broken pipe these two come into each other's lives.

There is an instant draw for both of them which their best friends are happy to help them expand on. I loved how they had this "setup" just to see if there was the chemistry they were both feeling individually. These two are perfect for each and in so many more ways as we find out the further we read in the story.

There's such a sweetness to the way Jake and Tessa explored the beginning of their love for each other. Having said that, don't think there isn't any heat when these two get down to it...because OH MY!!! And the way Jake is with Ty just warmed my heart. For these two to find each other to fit into each other's lives just proves they're meant to be . There's some revelations that come about because of their circumstances that just reinforces this as well.

Overall, Ms. Lind did a good job with her character development and plotting the story. I will say one of the things that bothered me a little is there is a stiltedness to the conversations between our H/h. Because of this, reading the book wasn't as smooth as I'd like it to be. This won't keep me from reading her future books because as I said early, I love watching debut authors grow into their own and I see a very bright future for Ms. Lind.

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