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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Twenty-Two (Assassins, #11.5)Twenty-Two by Toni Aleo
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Lucas Brooks Still Has It Stars!!
Reviewed by Franci Neill

Imagine my glee and joy when I heard we were getting a novella all about my favorite Assassin Lucas Brooks! I actually did a happy dance while reading the blurb on this one and just knew the story would be AWESOME and I was right!!

We get a look into Lucas and Fallon's life now that the kids are growing up, Aiden is getting ready to go off to college and Lucas is feeling the pain of all the years of hockey playing and what it's done to his body. I laughed out loud a few times at his aches and pains and how he tried to hide them from Fallon, but she knows her man that's for sure!!

As the Assassins are going into the playoffs for The Cup Lucas has to decide if he has it in him to continue playing. And if doesn't what does that mean for him because besides his family and Fallon hockey is all he's known. Because Lucas being who he is, he equates being a man to playing hockey and admitting he may not have another season in him really crushes him.

There are laughs in this book courtesy not only of the Brooks family, but the Adler's and other Assassins families. Getting these check-ins like this warms my heart and just makes me want to go read the entire series all over again!!

I for one don't ever want this series to end because there's just so many more stories that can be told especially as all the kids are growing up. Let's hope Ms. Aleo continues to find inspiration with the Nashville Assassins!

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