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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Lost Love (Cowboys and Angels, #1)Lost Love by Kelly Elliott
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4.5 Getting the Second Chance You Never Thought Was Possible Stars!
Reviewed by Franci Neill

When I heard Kelly Elliott was writing a new series and there were going to be cowboys involved I was so excited because Ms. Elliot writes cowboys so awesomely. They're all alpha and swoony and sexy and, and, and....

Well, Steed Parker is the first brother we meet in this series and he lives up to everything I was hoping he was going to be...
"Check out that body. You can tell he's a Parker brother."
When Steed comes back home after being gone for several years, running away from the love of his life, Paxton Monroe, he thinks he and his beautiful daughter Chloe will be making a fresh start not knowing that Paxton is about to be thrust into their lives on a daily basis. These two have so much history filled with so much love, but also with an immeasurable amount of pain.

It nearly broke my heart when I found out what happened to rip this couple who absolutely complete each other apart. When Steed sees Paxton for the first time he was in shock with how much she had changed....
"My eyes swept over her body. The young girl I fell in love with had turned into a beautiful woman. The most beautiful woman I'd ever laid eyes on."
And once he saw her, all bets are off, because Steed is going to get her back no matter what it takes. I swooned every time he tried to get her forgiveness and what he wanted to say to her. There's so much pain there and when they both break down and confront what tore them apart I broke right along with him. The emotions were so deep and so beautifully conveyed by Ms. Elliott's words that you can't help but feel their pain along with the overwhelming amount of love they still have for each other.

The difference this time is that this is an adult love and a sexual chemistry that is so much more intense than when they were in high school and wowza it's HOT!!!
"I inhaled deeply. His musky scent filled my senses and shot right between my legs. Who was I kidding? I wanted him too. More than anything.....The boy I fell in love with was now a man. His six pack abs made my fingers itch to touch them...so I did."
As we move through the story and our H/h find themselves not only as a man and a woman but also as a couple, throwing Chloe into the mix I laughed, I cried and I ultimately fell in love with Steed, Paxton and Chloe and the entire Parker family and I know we're in for quite a ride with this deliciously new series and I can't wait for the next book!!!

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