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Friday, July 28, 2017

Hard Stick (Breakaway, #1)Hard Stick by L.P. Dover
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

So I have to be honest, I have never read an L.P. Dover book except her Society X series that she co-wrote with Heidi McLaughlin, so when I had a chance to read my first book from her, I had to take the chance. I am so glad that I did!!! I loved this book! In fact, I have even read Blocked (Breakaway #2). WoW!!!! I am loving this entire series.
* My review for Blocked is on its way…

Hard Stick is the first book in the Breakaway series. We are introduced to the players of the hockey team, the Charlotte Strikers. They are a fun bunch! And as the series plays out, I fell in love with all of them.

In Hard Stick we meet Kristen Robinson & Kellen Carter. Kristen has a past that she is running from. While she is trying to rebuild her world, she meets Kellan Carter. Kellen is relentless with his pursuit of Kristen. He is determined to show Kristen that he is not the cocky jock that she thinks that he is. Kristen gives in and gives Kellen one night.

“You say this is our only night, but you’re fooling yourself. I wasn’t the only one who enjoyed that kiss.”
~ L.P. Dover, Hard Stick (Breakaway #1)

One night was not enough….

Kellan beings Kristen back to life!

“Being on the ice is like breathing; we can’t live without it.”
~ L.P. Dover, Hard Stick (Breakaway #1)

Finally Kristen’s past comes back to haunt her…. I totally saw it coming, but it was so worth reading to see how it all played it out.

Hard Stick was the perfect balance of romance with a bit of suspense. It was the perfect start to this series. I loved it! It was also the perfect introduction to L.P. Dover’s writing. What have I been missing?!?! I now need to dive into all of her other books! There are so many that I am not even sure where to start. But I am looking forward to more!

L.P. Dover, thank you for allowing me to read and review Hard Stick! I am excited that I finally took the plunge. You have a fan for life!

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~ Review by Heidi Pharo

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