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Monday, July 17, 2017

Sexy Beast: A Single Dad's Club RomanceSexy Beast: A Single Dad's Club Romance by Piper Rayne
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Taking the Chance on Love Again Stars!!
Reviewed by Franci Neill

It's no secret that I've loved everything the duo known as Piper Rayne has written and I've loved all of their words. But I have to say Garret is my most favorite of all their alpha men!! He really fits the bill with his build, the beard, the dirty talking and most importantly the love he has for his pre-teen daughter Sydney.

We've been getting to know our H/h throughout the previous two books in this series and now we really get to know them and what drives them both towards each other and potentially away from each other. Garrett is so afraid to experience love again given what happened the last time he loved like this. But our girl Charlie, she's a fighter and she fights for what she wants and she wants Garrett!!

I loved how these two danced around each other until they finally gave into the sexual tension that you could literally cut with a knife. When Garrett started his dirty talking I was a goner. And these two had me fanning myself on more than one occasion.

More importantly though was the relationship they developed especially when Charlie stepped in to help with some of the issues that happen when a young girl reaches that all important moment in their life. I had to laugh a few times with the way Garrett reacted and don't get me started on Dane's suggestion on how to celebrate this momentous event in Sydney's life. I literally groaned out loud and said "please don't do this!"

Overall, this book was well written and I fell in love with how much Garrett loved Charlie and his willingness to finally admit his feelings and that it's ok to love again!

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