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Friday, July 28, 2017

The Brightest Sunset (The Darkest Sunrise, #2)The Brightest Sunset by Aly Martinez
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Love Can Grow In The Darkness Stars!!!
Reviewed by Franci Neill

By now, you've read The Darkest Sunrise and you know what's happened and the bomb that was dropped on us at the very end of that book. If you were like me, you sat there in literal shock thinking what do they do now?

There were so many emotions I felt as I read this book. Even more than TDS because of the heart and soul stirring events that we go through. There's an especially tough scene that nearly broke me when when Porter cries out for Charlotte....
"Charlotte, please! I need it to stop!"
My heart was beating almost out of my chest at this point. I was so infuriated with so many people because I wondered how in the world could they even question the veracity of what he was saying? I mean this is Porter for goodness sake. He's never done anything to give any doubt as to what he's saying. And when Charlotte finally hears him and trusts what he's saying and remembers what he is to her...
"It was a night I'd never forget because it was the first time I'd ever given myself to someone else. Not physically, though that had happened too. But emotionally. I'd offered him my deepest, darkest secrets. And he'd taken them, devoured them, and made them his own. He'd made the darkness a beautiful place filled with understanding and acceptance. Porter was like that. Everything was easier with him."
I literally did a fist pump when Charlotte thought this because I knew that together, these two could face anything thrown in their path. And trust me, there is the quite the uphill battle they have to climb to get to their HEA....

A love like there's won't be found again. However, there are some people in their lives that aren't making it easy for them. People that you would think would want the best for everyone. But you know how it is when emotions get involved and the heart speaks before common sense kicks in. Let's not forget there are some innocent lives involved that could irrevocably be damaged. Most significantly, is Charlotte letting Porter into her heart even with everyone questioning her about it....

As this beautifully told emotion evoking story unfolds before our eyes we get to experience a love story that is greater than our H/h ever hoped to experience in their lifetime, families that, if they listen to their heart and not their head could become one beautiful family and along the way, there are some laugh out loud moments thanks to a life-size cutout, heart-stopping moments that had me gasping for air, and ultimately the consideration of what's best for one person that trumps everyone else in this story.

I think Porter says it best when he acknowledges what Charlotte is in his life...

Do yourself a favor and find your way to this beautifully written Duet that will forever change your life once Charlotte and Porter infiltrate your soul the same way they did mine.

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