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Friday, July 14, 2017

The Darkest Sunrise (The Darkest Sunrise, #1)The Darkest Sunrise by Aly Martinez
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 I'm Still Gasping For Breath Stars
Reviewed by Franci Neill

OH EM GEE!!!! I knew I was going to love this book based on the synopsis alone. But what I received was so much more than anything I expected. Book One of this Duet is an emotional roller coaster that takes on the ride of a lifetime. It's masterfully crafted by Ms. Martinez and with the way she developed the story as we read further and further, we are introduced to and fall in absolute love with Porter and Charlotte.

Our H/h have so much in common but on different levels and as they get to know each other there is an immediate pull towards each other but Charlotte isn't sure she can go there....

That right there made me swoon and gave me a warm feeling that was coursing through my veins. If anyone can bring Charlotte to feeling an all encompassing love again it's Porter Reese. It certainly doesn't hurt that he's physically beautiful and makes Charlotte squirm and feel warm in all the right places....

One of the things I loved the most about Porter is his willingness to give our girl all the time she needs to get where he is because he knows she's worth it. However, they've got some big hurdles to get over. My heart wept on many occasions for our couple. I actually bawled out loud several times and doing this while laying out at the pool certainly caused a few looks my way!!! And when these two get to the point that allows them to let their bodies speak for them....holy moly...they're on fire ....

As I continued reading this heartfelt and learned more and more of each of their stories I was drawn so far into this book that I was gasping out loud, talking to them as if Porter and Charlotte were standing right in front of me and just wanted to hug Charlotte and tell her it was all going to be okay. And while Charlotte has a pain inside of her that has brought a darkness so deep into her soul, Porter has demons haunting him on a daily basis. What's beautiful about them as a couple is they can be their true selves with each other....

I've rambled quite a bit about this book and there's just so much more that I could say. However, I will end my review here because I'm begging you to please one-click this book. Get to know Charlotte and Porter and go on a journey that will forever resonate in your heart and soul.

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