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Monday, August 7, 2017

Crave Me (Luminous, #2)Crave Me by Stacey Lynn
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Can I live in the land of Luminous forever please?!?! I have to tell you, I am in love with this series! Luminous is the first series by Stacey Lynn that I have read. The only reason the I decided to take the plunge was because I kept seeing her name throughout the book world. As a blogger, I looked into her and low and behold, she lived in the same area as me! So of course, I had to read her work! And no, I am not a stalker. Lol.

I had zero expectations going into the Luminous series. Zero! But I have to say, I was blown away Dominate Me (Luminous #1). The characters we well developed and the storyline kept you wanting more. This held true for Crave Me (Luminous #2) as well as Long for Me (Luminous #3).

As you can tell, I have read the entire series. I will say that each book could be read as a standalone. However, like every series, it is a good idea to read them all and in the order that the author wrote them. There are some key characters that make their way through the Luminous series that you appreciate more if you meet them in the first book, Dominate Me.

In Crave Me, we meet Simon Delgado. He is a high school teacher who also coaches the boy’s hockey team. Not the kind of guy you would have guessed to be a dominate in the BDSM world at all! But, Chloe Reynolds has her sights set on him.

Chloe’s older sister dated Simon for a while. That was until Simon started to share is kinky side with her sister. Let’s just say that it didn’t work so well for Simon. So, when Chloe is relentless with her pursuit to have Simon train her as a submissive, Simon is less than thrilled at the thought.

Chloe has a situation happen at Luminous that forces Simon’s hand. What happens next is nothing less than amazing writing and a storyline that will leave your heart full.

“If I lingered too long on Chloe and the nigh at the museum, I could still taste her on my tongue, smell the cinnamon on her breath, and feel the silkiness of her hair between my fingers.”
~ Stacey Lynn, Crave Me (Luminous #2)

As a blogger, it is hard to find time to fit new authors in. If I could fit them all in, I would be beyond happy. But we have to pick and choose. I am so glad that I took a chance with Stacey’s writing. This series was the perfect set of books at the perfect time in my life that I needed a little Luminous getaway.

“Her pleasure would always be mine.”
~ Stacey Lynn, Crave Me (Luminous #2)

I am looking forward to diving into more of her work here soon! Stacey, you have a fan for life. I am so glad that I took a chance on your work. I am so in love with this series. I want more please….

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~ Review by Heidi Pharo

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