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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Enrage (Eagle Elite, #8)Enrage by Rachel Van Dyken
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Rachel Van Dyken, you are the queen of the five families! Enrage killed me! My heart broke and then broke again. And yet you were able to heal parts and keep me wanting more of this fantastical mafia series. I don’t think there are enough words to tell you all how much I am in love with the Eagle Elite series. But will try in this review.

First let me say, Enrage IS NOT a standalone. You have to have read all of the other books in the Eagle Elite series to even fallow the events that happen in Enrage. I would even encourage you all to do a reread prior to reading this book. There were so many things happening that it took me awhile to settle into who was who. I actually had to put it down and quick refresh myself with past reviews of the series as well as looking at the previous books. Once I remembered who was who and who belonged to who, I was completely taken. My heart went on this ride that I can’t even explain.

Enrage focuses on Dante Luca Nicolasi Alfero (the son of Luca Nicolasi & Joyce Alfero) and Eleanor (El) Petrov. Don’t think that the rest of the Eagle Elite gang aren’t around. In fact, they are woven all throughout Enrage. In fact, I think that I loved Chase the most in this book! He made me laugh as well as cry.

The chemistry between Dante & El comes fast and furious.

“His hands, the hands of a killer. Felt like the hands of a savior. It wasn’t death I felt on his skin. It was something else entirely. Life.”
~ Rachel Van Dyken, Enrage (Eagle Elite #8)

But as it always is, the circumstances for these two are not easy! El must marry someone from the five families in order to keep her protected. So, El is set to marry Chris (a nothing guy #ChirpyChris), but Dante is not having it.

“I wasn’t his. I would never be his. We both knew it. We just had to accept it.”
~ Rachel Van Dyken, Enrage (Eagle Elite #8)

In the meantime, there is a war raging around all of them. Will Dante and El be together despite all of the things happening around them?

“Told you I’d never lie to you, El.”
~ Rachel Van Dyken, Enrage (Eagle Elite #8)

Rachel always manages to write this amazing romance story woven within a larger story in this series. Enrage seemed different though. I felt like this book was a shift in the larger Eagle Elite storyline. I will not tell you what happens specifically, but know that I am here for you when you need the tissues. I mean, I was at my twin daughter’s swimming lessons crying! Bawling! It was cruel of Rachel, but it had to happen for the next books to happen (at least that is what I am telling myself).

“Welcome to the mafia.”
~ Rachel Van Dyken, Enrage (Eagle Elite #8)

Rachel, thank you for taking me on an amazing ride with these characters! I missed them so much. There is a special place in my heart for the five families. I often compare other mafia books to the Eagle Elite books. There is just no comparison for me.

My heart needs healing after this book! I can’t wait for Eulogy (Eagle Elite #9) coming February 2018! I will be reading with tissues.

“It’s not over --- because it’s just beginning.”
~ Rachel Van Dyken, Enrage (Eagle Elite #8)

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~ Review written by Heidi Pharo

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